Japanese Hairdresser in London, specialising in European and Asian hair.

Japanese mobile hair stylist
Reviewed by: Alex Ho on 10-05-2012
I would recommend this service if you are looking for an asian hair stylist
to come to your house or office, fair priced and professional
Rating: 5/5


Some of our clients have an asian background and therefore they prefer to have someone who knows how to deal with straight asian hair.

If you are looking for an asian hairdresser to take care of your hair you came to the right place. Scissor, Paper, Rock mobile hairdresser can provide you with a Japanese hair stylist. Our staff it is experience with both european, and asian clients so you will be in safe hands. Our services are hair cuts and blow dry, permanents, colour, and highlights.

Our Asian Stylists

Our Japanese stylist is available to come to your house or office, so you can have our services in the most convenient way. Please do not not hesitate to contact us and specify your requirements for your haircut, it would help to know in advance the time and day of the service, the location and the style you require.

Why use a Mobile service

There are many reason for doing so, for example if you are constraint at home for health reasons, or you just had a baby, or simply you cannot be bother to go to central London for a decent haircut. So let us come to you. Our services are high standard as you would find at your favourite salon, but without the hassle of queuing or fitting it into your dairy.

Asian hair

Many Asian clients who come to us it is because they find the staff at the regular salon not sufficiently trained to deal with straight dark hair, therefore they prefer someone who is able to understand their taste and work with this kind of hair.

Why use a Japanese hairdresser?

Our staff is very precise, competent and Japanese hair stylist receive a very long training before starting to work in the salon, and on top of all these reasons they understand asian fashion and tastes for styles.

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