Why Use a Mobile Hairdresser in London?

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If have never contemplated about having your hair done at home, please read on as we will give you some good reasons here below:

Mobile hairdresser prices in London.

Since the mobile hairdressers has less overheads and generally less expenses the prices will be considerably low compared to the traditional hair salon. Therefore you will see an instant 20% to 30% price on the standard hair cut, colouring and highlights when you compare to the salon prices.

Time saving and convenient.

If you are always busy, stuck at work or at home then the mobile hairdresser is for you. You will not need to walk down to the local hair salon and wait even if you have an appointment, our stylist will come directly to your door one time. Therefore there is nothing more convenient to have this service directly in the conform of your house.

Quality and experience, customised service.

The Mobile hairdressers have completed their training and they have a long experience in working in traditional salons and the fashion industry.

Where do we go?

We provide our services in central London in zone 1, but we also travel to other areas let us know in advance and we would be very happy to provide you a quotation.

Why should I use a mobile hairdresser?

Many of our clients have to attend a function such a wedding early in the morning and need to be presentable for the occasion, so if you stay at hotel and need an hairdresser early Saturday or Sunday, it will be a problem to go the local salon.

Other clients cannot go out because of health reasons or because of pregnancy they find difficult to down the high street for a haircut.

Some other find that the local hairdresser are not up to the job and a trip to central London is time consuming, expensive and they prefer to have someone to come to their houses

Hair cut Parties and money saving

Some of our clients organise other friend and family to come over and have their hair done all at once, it is fun and you save a lot of money as we can give you a discount if you find more people for our services at the same time.

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