Hair volume “Big and beautiful!”

Hair with volume and bounce never goes out of style and beautiful big hair is definitely on trend right now. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s perfect, glossy blow-dry or Cheryl Cole’s gorgeous flowing locks, there’s no doubt that big hair is “having a moment”. So if your hair is rather less than your crowning glory and it needs a bit of a boost in the volume department, check out these great tips to put the oomph back into your do.

add volume to your hair – source

1. Roll it up!

Velcro rollers have long been used to boost volume, and work well on hair of any length. Once you’ve blow dried your hair with a volumising product, simply section the hair, spritz the roots with hairspray and wrap around a roller- no need to mess around with clips. You can do a whole head of rollers or just use a few at the crown, depending on your desired look. Once rolled, give your hair a quick blast with your hairdryer on the hottest setting and then leave to cool before you carefully unwrap for an instant volume boost!

2. Crimp ‘n’ go!

Check out this great new product for fine-haired lovelies who feel like they’ve tried everything! A heated appliance, this is essentially a mini crimper, only around 2cm wide, that is used to crimp the roots of the hair, thereby boosting volume. The top section of hair needs to be left untouched in order to cover the crimped sections and it takes a bit of practice to perfect the look but it’s definitely worth a try!

3. Cutting it!

Make sure you get the basics right! Fine hair can be made to look fuller with the right cut and colour so speak to your stylist about the best options for you. Short blunt cuts can work really well or, if you love your long locks, longer layers to add movement and body will perk up your lank locks. Most importantly, make sure your hair is regularly trimmed: If there’s one thing that looks worse than fine hair, it’s fine hair with split ends!

4. Backcomb baby!

While backcombing is not a daily fix, for hot nights out it can create a fantastic, big-hair look. Start at the crown and take small sections of hair. Use short strokes to minimise damage and make sure you smooth over a top layer of hair to make your do look sleek and glossy- we’re not going for the bird’s nest look here! Hairspray to fix and you’re good to go!

5. Style it up!

Styling products can make a difference to fine, flat hair, and there are certainly plenty on the market. A good volumising shampoo and conditioner is worth an investment and, used over time, will make a long-term difference to the fullness of your hair. Whichever styling product your use; mousse, volumising spray or crème, makes sure you use it on hair which is at least 75% dry, so as not to dilute the product. Massage it well into the roots and tip your head upside down as you dry for an extra root boost.

So, even though it might feel like a constant battle for us fine-haired babes, give these ideas a try to transform your locks from limp to lovely!






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