Why Us?

Scissor, Paper, Rock – Premier Japanese Mobile Hairdressing in London | At-Home Salon Services

Welcome to Scissor, Paper, Rock – your premier choice for Japanese mobile hairdressing services in London. We bring salon-quality hairstyling straight to your home, office, or hotel, offering a range of professional services including precision haircuts, elegant blow-dries, vibrant colouring, and expert highlights. Our team of highly-qualified hairdressers, with NVQ qualifications and up to 20 years of experience, are dedicated to delivering personalized hair care that meets your unique style and needs. Save time, money, and enjoy the convenience of high-quality hairdressing services without stepping out of your comfort zone. Book your appointment today and experience the best of London’s mobile hairdressing.

At Scissor, Paper, Rock mobile hairdresser, we offer professional and convenient hairdressing services in the comfort of your own home or office. With just one phone call or email, you can book an appointment with our team of experienced and qualified hairdressers who are always ready to cater to your hair care needs.

Choosing our mobile hairdressing services means you can save money compared to the high prices charged by traditional hair salons in London. Additionally, you save time as you do not have to wait in queues, and our stylists will come directly to your location.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced, having the required NVQ qualification to be a hairdresser in the UK. Some of our stylists have up to 20 years of hairdressing experience, giving you the confidence that you are in safe hands. We can create any style you desire, just ask and our capable staff will deliver it.

Quality of products and services

At Scissor, Paper, Rock mobile hairdresser, we prioritize your hair’s health, and that’s why we use only high-quality products for our haircuts, blow-dries, highlights, and colours. We do not use cheap products or anything we would not use on ourselves.

How to book our professional hairdressing services at your home, office, or hotel

Booking with us is easy. You can reach us by email or phone call, and if we miss your call, leave a message or send a text message to our number, and we will call you back. Our team is happy to provide a professional consultation over the phone or email. We can visit you at your home, office, or hotel. If you have a function or wedding to attend, we can come to your accommodation in London and provide the best service that you will ever find.

Why choose a mobile hairdresser?

Mobile hairdressing services have gained significant popularity in recent years, and rightfully so. Choosing a mobile hairdresser like Scissor, Paper, Rock brings a multitude of benefits, enhancing your hairstyling experience while adding comfort and convenience.

Personalised and Professional Hair Care Services at Your Doorstep

One of the standout advantages of mobile hairdressing is the personalised service you receive. Our experienced and NVQ-qualified stylists are dedicated to delivering professional hair care that caters to your unique style and preferences. Whether you want a trendy haircut, vibrant colouring, expert highlights, or a stylish blow-dry, our team will provide these services tailored to your individual needs and desires.

Convenience of Hairdressing at Home or Office

Enjoy high-quality hairdressing services in the comfort of your own home, office, or hotel in London. By eliminating the need to travel to a salon, we save you precious time and reduce the stress associated with navigating city traffic or arranging childcare during your appointment. With our mobile hairdressers, you choose the time and place that suits your schedule best.

Cost and Time Effective Solution

Mobile hairdressing is not just a convenient option; it’s also a cost-effective solution. Traditional salons in London often come with high costs due to overhead expenses. By contrast, our mobile hairdressing service allows us to cut these overheads and pass the savings directly onto you. Additionally, you save valuable time as you avoid waiting in queues or travelling to and from the salon.

Avoiding Salon Queues and Travel Hassles

There’s no need to worry about queuing or fitting into a busy salon schedule when you opt for mobile hairdressing. Our stylists come directly to you, avoiding any unnecessary waits. This convenience also eliminates the need for travel, saving you from the hassles of commuting and finding parking in bustling London.

In conclusion, choosing a mobile hairdresser like Scissor, Paper, Rock provides you with personalised, professional, and convenient hair care services. It’s a time-saving, cost-effective solution that eliminates the typical challenges of visiting a traditional salon. Book an appointment with us today and experience the best of mobile hairdressing services in London.