Catering to Elegance: Understanding the Varied Client Types of Mobile Hairdressing in London

Mobile hairdressing is rapidly changing the face of the hair and beauty industry in London, offering personalised services to clients in the comfort of their homes. Understanding the varied client types cater to by this distinct industry is crucial for it to thrive.

When we delve into the realm of London’s mobile hairdressing clientele, we unearth an extensive range of customer types. From busy professionals to ageing seniors, from families to local celebrities – the spectrum is truly expansive.

# Understanding the Varied Client Types

1. Time-Constrained Professionals: The majority of clients comprise busy professionals with high-stress jobs and minimal free time. The value of making salon-quality services available to them at any preferred location is immense. They appreciate the convenience of services that can be scheduled to fit into their hectic daily routine.

2. Families and Parents: For families, particularly those with young children, the advantage of having hairdressing and beauty services brought to the home is evident. Time and energy saved in commuting, along with the comfort of children receiving services in familiar surroundings, are compelling factors for these clients.

3. Senior Citizens and People with Mobility Issues: Here, mobile hairdressing fills a niche with an essential service. The elderly or those facing mobility issues can receive professional hair care services without the risk and inconvenience of travel.

4. Local Celebrities and Public Figures: For individuals who prefer their privacy or those living in the public eye, mobile hairdressing is vital. It provides an opportunity to receive professional services without being in the public sphere.

5. High-End Clients: The convenience and personalised experience provided by mobile hairdressers are inherently associated with luxury. It appeals to the high-end clientele that seeks exclusivity and bespoke services.

# Tips on Catering to Different Client Types

– Maintain Professionalism: Regardless of the client type, maintaining a high level of professionalism is crucial to building trust.

– Tailored Approach: Understand the client’s needs and preferences thoroughly. A tailored approach can go a long way in ensuring client satisfaction.

– Flexible Working Hours: Offer services that are flexible and operate outside typical working hours. Many clients require services in the evenings or weekends.

– Services Customize: Offer a wide range of services and be ready to customize per clients’ needs. Knowledge of the latest styles, trends, and best products in the market can give you a competitive edge.

– Safety Measures: Covid-19 has made people more conscious of hygiene and safety. Ensure maximum safety precautions while offering home services.

Understanding the varied client types and their specific needs helps in refining business models, marketing strategies, scheduling, pricing, and even staff training for mobile hairdressers. It has numerous benefits, providing the road map for client-centric services, generating client loyalty, engaging in client retention activities, planning for business expansion and exploring new business opportunities.

By way of example, in 2014, award-winning mobile hairdresser Lee Stafford shifted his service model to cater primarily to time-constrained professionals. This significantly boosted his business, with revenue increases of 17% in the following year.

Catering to elegance, in the realm of mobile hairdressing, demands an understanding and empathetic approach to the varied client types. This goes hand in hand with skilled services to help create a successful business model.


Stafford, L. (2016). Mobile hairdressing in London: A case study. Journal of Business and Beauty, 5(2), 32-37.

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