Celebrity Women Hairstyles: Lessons Learned

Whether they like it or not, celebrities are scrutinized in everything they do. If they go to the grocery store without makeup, it is plastered on the front cover of US weekly. If a celebrity wears something less than flattering to the park, Perez Hilton is blogging about it the very same day.

The positives are also praised as well. If a celebrity has a flat stomach 4 weeks after having a baby, everyone wants to know how she managed the impossible. All of America wants to know how Gwenyth Paltro gets such glowing skin and what kind of makeup the Kardashian women use. Whether we want to admit it or not, a lot of our style comes from watching celebrities. This goes for hair as well.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are some hair styles that cause women to rip pictures out of magazines to take to their hairdressers and ask for exactly what is on the page. You know you’ve all done it. Then there are the others. You know what I’m talking about. The styles that make you think their stylist maybe had a bit too much to drink the night before.

I Want That – Celebrity Hairstyles That the Rest of us Want

• The Halle Berry Short Crop. This is a stunning cut that made every women think to themselves, “I wish I was brave enough to pull that off.” This look was praised by all the fashion gurus and still remains a strong style years later.

• The Michelle Williams Pixie. Speaking of short hair, this is also an iconic hairstyle. It is wispy, soft and looks effortless. If you are in the market for short hair, this is definitely a style to think about.

• The Zooey Deshanel Blunt Fringe. Fringe is all the rage nowadays. Zooey’s dramatic look has caught on like wildfire. It is distinct, sexy and sophisticated, yet youthful looking. If you want fringe but are afraid to do something as bold as Zooey, you can cut narrow bangs with less bulk.

• The Kim Kardashian Long Layered Look. Long hair with multiple layers is an iconic look that has been around for ages. Kim knows how to rock this style by keeping the layers soft and angled. Her rich color and shine add to the look and make it one that is coveted by many.

Styles that Leave Us Wondering if They Own Mirrors

• The Kate Gosselin Spikey Look. I hesitate to call Kate Gosselin a celebrity, but her crazy look from Jon & Kate Plus 8 had all of America scratching their head, wondering if somehow her hair got caught in a lawnmower.

• The Snooki Bump. Everyone wants a little bit of body in their hair, but Snooki’s over-the-top bump was just that – over the top. She could have been hiding anything in that’s rat’s nest. Maybe that’s where the condoms she should have been using were hiding.

• The Britney Spears Baldie. This might not even classify as a hairstyle because, well, there’s no hair. Britney had a meltdown and shaved off all her hair. Please don’t follow suit. If you sense a meltdown coming, grab a cocktail, not the scissors.

There are countless looks that celebrity women show off that the rest of America loves and craves. There are also countless looks that leave us hoping they have an honest friend who will tell them to fire their stylist. Modern technology allows us to see these looks instantly, whenever we want, and judge for ourselves if they should be on a best or worst list.

Britney Spears
Britney – source

By Jamie Bailey

Jamie enjoys writing about fashion and style. She also writes for various cosmetology schools in Utah. She loves to spot new trends and experiment with her own looks as well.






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