Elegant Strands on the Move: A Guide to Establishing a Mobile Hair Salon in the Heart of London


With a bustling population of over eight million people, London offers an abundance of opportunities to thrive in the business of beauty. However, the city’s busy lifestyle also means that most consumers seek convenient, time-saving solutions. This sets the perfect environment for the mobile beauty business model, specifically mobile hair salons. Unlike conventional salons, mobile hair salons offer hairdressing services in a customer’s home or location of choice, offering an unparalleled level of comfort and accessibility.

Significance of Mobile Hair Salons

The concept of mobile hair salons in London has gained serious traction in recent years as it redefines the traditional salon experience. It caters to a wide range of consumers – from busy professionals unable to commit to salon appointments, to elderly or immobile clients who appreciate the convenience of in-home service, to celebrities looking for personalized, confidential services. Given the significant demand potential and operational benefits, establishing a mobile hair salon in London is poised to be a profitable enterprise.

Steps to Establish a Mobile Hair Salon

1. Business Plan: Start by writing a detailed business plan, outlining your target audience, marketing strategies, costing, and estimated revenues. Ensure you account for costs related to travel, equipment, licensing, and professional services.

2. Certification: Enroll in a certified hairdressing course to ensure you possess the necessary skills and qualifications. Ensure your certifications are always up-to-date.

3. Licensing and Permit: Mobile hair salons must comply with local and national regulations. Contact your local government offices for proper licensing and permits.

4. Mobile Salon: Invest in an appropriate vehicle that is spacious and comfortable, equipped with necessary accessories such as running water and electricity. When choosing your vehicle, consider functionality, cost, and business image.

5. Equipment: Stock up on professional hairdressing equipment and high-quality hair products. Your mobile salon must have all the necessary tools to offer a complete range of services.

6. Marketing: Develop an attractive, comprehensive website and actively use social media to market your services. Consider offers and promotions initially to attract clients.

7. Insurance: Ensure your business, vehicle, and equipment are covered under appropriate insurance.

Applications in Business Advisory

Business advisors help entrepreneurs understand market trends, opportunities, challenges, and regulations governing their operations. As such, a business advisor for a mobile hair salon would provide guidance relating to the seven steps outlined above. For instance, an advisor could assist in developing a sound business plan, guide entrepreneurs through the licensing process, recommend suitable vehicles and equipment suppliers, and advise on effective market strategies.

Benefits of a Mobile Hair Salon

1. Lower Overheads: Unlike traditional salons with high rental costs, utility bills, and maintenance fees, mobile salons mostly only incur costs related to the vehicle and travel.

2. Flexible Hours: Mobile salons can offer flexible working hours, catering to customers who prefer early morning or late-night appointments.

3. Personalized Service: Offering one-on-one service in a familiar and comfortable environment creates a memorable customer experience.

4. Broader Customer Base: As your business is not restricted to one location, you can expand your clientele across various locations within the city.


Running a mobile hair salon in London offers immense potential, given its distinctive appeal and benefits. With the appropriate business plan, qualifications, vehicle, equipment, and marketing strategy fuelled by a thorough understanding of customer needs, establishing a successful mobile hair salon is a viable entrepreneurial venture. With the experienced guidance of a business consultant, you can make informed decisions, ensuring your business design complements the lifestyle of London’s bustling populace.

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