Elegant Updos: The Chicest Wedding Hairstyles for This Season!


Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life, a day where every single detail matters, including your bridal hairstyle. The choice of hairstyle is integral to achieving your desired bridal look and adds a stylish grace to the overall ensemble. This article takes you on a journey of exploring the trendiest elegant updos which are reigning supreme in this wedding season – sophisticated, chic, and unarguably beautiful.

Significance of the Bridal Updo

The bridal updo holds a firm place in wedding traditions, symbolizing elegance and grace, but its significance stems beyond mere aesthetics. This versatile style can keep your hair away from your face throughout the day, ensuring maximum comfort and minimum distractions. It opens up your face, highlights delicate features, emphasizes your makeup, and at the end of the day, your hairstyle stays intact, highlighting your beauty in wedding photos that last for a lifetime.

The Chicest Wedding Hairstyles for This Season

1. The Classic Chignon: A time-honored choice, the classic chignon is synonymous with bridal elegance. Adding a modern spin to this traditional updo, the relaxed chignon allows for softer pieces to frame your face, giving it a more effortless yet chic style.

2. Braided Updo: This beautiful, intricate style is perfect for brides opting for a more romantic, bohemian look. The braid lends a unique texture to the updo, whether through a singular braid woven into a bun or multiple smaller ones, creating dimension and visual interest.

3. The Twisted Bun: A perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity, the twisted bun is the epitome of modern elegance. Individual strands are delicately twisted and pinned together creating a neat yet intricate design. The twisted bun pairs perfectly with hair accessories such as embellished hair combs or delicate flowers.

4. High Ballerina Bun: For brides opting for a sleek and polished look, the high ballerina bun is the ideal pick. Positioned neatly at the crown, this hairstyle can accentuate your cheekbones and gracefully shows off the neckline.

5. Low Messy Bun: The low messy bun is the epitome of effortless chic. This hairstyle is characterized by loose waves and stray strands creating an undone yet sophisticated look. This style can be paired perfectly with statement earrings or a bridal hair vine.

Benefits of the Elegant Updos

Besides being a stylish statement, elegant updos are incredibly functional. They are resistant to weather changes, thus ensuring your hairstyle remains immaculate, come rain, wind, or sunshine. Updos also do not interfere with the dress’s neckline, allowing your wedding gown to stand out. Furthermore, an updo can be tailored to compliment face shapes and highlight the unique features of the bride.

Practical Tips for Perfect Updos

1. Always have a trial: Always schedule a trial with your hairstylist. It allows you to see your chosen hairstyle in reality and make any desired tweaks before the big day.

2. Prepare your hair: For an updo to hold, ensure your hair is not too soft and slippery. It’s often best to wash your hair a day prior to your wedding.

3. Accessorize wisely: Choose accessories that harmonise with your overall look, from your wedding dress, makeup, to your jewelry.


Elegant updos are a timeless choice for bridal hair, boasting a stunning mix of tradition, style, and functionality. Ranging from the polished chignon to the detailed braided updo, there’s a perfect updo for every bride to shine on her special day! Remember, the best bridal hairstyle is the one that complements you, making you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. Happy Wedding Season!

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