Five Effortless Hairstyles With Scrunchies That Still Look Chic


In the realm of hair and beauty, no trend ever truly disappears. Styles and fashion of the past often make comebacks, and one accessory that’s having a major revival is the scrunchie. The ’80s and ’90s staple has been spotted everywhere, from celebrity lairs to top runway shows. Above all, scrunchies proffer a fun, retro aesthetic, and a gentle alternative to damage-inducing traditional hair ties. So why not make the most of this beloved accessory to enhance your styling game?

In this article, we will delve deep into the significance of scrunchies in hairstyling, divulge five amazingly easy yet chic hairstyles with scrunchies, and explore the benefits this resurgence provides to your tresses.

Significance of Scrunchies: A Revival

Scrunchies, with their soft material, have the advantage of controlling hair without causing the breakage and hair dents that conventional rubber bands do. They are also versatile to fit in with numerous fashion statements and can be used on various hair types.

Application In Hairstyling: Five Effortless Hairstyles With Scrunchies

1. The Classic High Ponytail: This classic yet remarkably chic hairdo never goes out of style. To rock the look with a scrunchie, just gather your hair high on your head and secure it with a scrunchie. Add more of a ’90s vibe with a brightly coloured or patterned scrunchie.

2. The Half-Up, Half-Down: A perfect blend of stylish and laid-back. Section your hair from ear to ear, twist the top portion into an appealing coil, and secure it with a cute scrunchie. A velvet or satin one adds sophistication to this hairstyle.

3. The Braided Scrunchie Bun: An innovative combination resulting in an effortless yet charming look. Braid your hair, then loop it into a bun. Secure it with a scrunchie. Add a few loose strands for a messy yet artistic look.

4. The Sporty Double Scrunchie Updo: Heads up, athletes and workout enthusiasts! This chic double updo will prevent hair from your face while looking trendy with a duo of scrunchies. Split your hair in two sections, twist them into buns, and secure each bun with a scrunchie.

5. The Top Knot: This quick and graceful hairdo is great for a casual day out or even a fancy gathering. Create a high ponytail, loop it through the scrunchie once or twice depending on hair length, leaving the ends sticking out.

Benefits of Using Scrunchies

Scrunchies pose fewer threats to hair health compared to typical hair ties, primarily due to the soft fabrics they’re made of. This reduces the risk of hair breakage and strain, thus maintaining hair health. The various materials and designs available with scrunchies make them a versatile fashion accessory. Also, as nostalgia remains a key influencer in fashion trends, the comeback of scrunchies means you are sure to stay chic and stylish.


Scrunchies go beyond being a mere hair accessory; they are a gentle choice for securing hair, a fashion statement, and an exciting element in the exciting arena of hair and beauty. By trying these effortless hairstyles, you’ll make the most of your scrunchie collection while keeping your tresses in vogue and great health. So, go ahead and embrace the ‘scrunchie life’ while creating some head-turning styles!

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