Helpful Tips For Colouring Your Hair At Home

Making the decision to start colouring your hair at home using hair care products purchased from your local drug store or department store can have many advantages as well as disadvantages. For starters, colouring your own hair is a very affordable choice. Most at home hair colouring products cost anywhere from $4 up to $13 depending on the brand that you choose and any extras that the product may contain such as highlights or a special conditioning formula that will help to protect your hair from damage. While this is a very small amount of money to spend in comparison to the price of getting your hair professionally dyed, many times first time users will have difficulties with finding the right shade or something will go wrong with the application process leaving their hair with uneven tones. That is why it is best to do a little research beforehand if you are new to the world of do-it-yourself hair colouring  Here are some helpful tips that will assist you with choosing the right shades for your hair type and making sure that you get the best results possible.

 Selecting the colour

When you are selecting your colour  it is important that you never go more than two shades lighter or darker than what your current hair colour is. Failure to do so may cause you to end up with results that look nothing like what you had expected, which ends up being a waste of both your time and money. At home hair care products are pre-mixed unlike the products that a beautician would use at a salon which makes it near impossible for most people to get the exact results that they had hoped for every time. The best way to ensure that you get as close as possible to the shade that is on the box is by following this rule.

Permanent or semi-permanent?

Wondering if you should go with Semi-Permanent or Permanent hair colour  If you are nervous about dyeing your own hair or you do not want to commit to a particular colour for a long period of time then semi-permanent hair colour may be the best choice for you. These products work great for those afraid of colour commitment however with these products you will typically only be able to go a few shades darker than your current hair colour or help to cover up grays without any drastic hair changes. If you want your hair to have a completely new look most experts would suggest going with a permanent hair dye.


If you aren’t new to dyeing your own hair but would still like to try something new to ensure that your hair remains healthy you may want to pick up some additional moisturising creams and conditioners to use that will help to repair all of the damage that your hair has gone through over the years of constant hair colour applications. While there are some good moisturising and hair repair products available at most drug stores, you may want to also visit your local beauty supply store and pick up some professional grade conditioner to use after you colour  These products will leave your hair feeling soft and silky with more volume and strength all while keeping your colour from fading too quickly. Some great conditioners and masques to try include Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque, Ion Color Defense Leave-in Protector and Nothing but Intense Healing Mask.

hair colours – image source

Sandra Hamilton writes for Lifesure Beauty Insurance. Sandra has had many years of blogging experience on a wide range of topics including health and beauty.




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