Mobile Highlights and Cut Review

Name: Sophie

Location: North London

Profession: Financial Analyst

Age: 28

organicstarfish: vogue-vita: … (via TumbleOn) Blonde Wicker Hair Reblog by Wicker Paradise and added to the wicker archive!

Have You Used A Mobile Hairdresser Before: In a way, yes. I had a friend of mine who used to do my braids for me. But then I got this big job in this big company and I could afford going to a professional hairstylist. I am the kind of person who would try different kinds of hairdressers, so I wouldn’t say I have one particular salon I go to. Then I stumbled upon your website as I was going about reviewing different hairdressers. I have never tried a professional hairdresser on wheels, so I thought your idea to be quite unique.

Why Did You Choose This Service: It was out of necessity and circumstances. I had just had a baby and I knew I had to be a full-time mom for months. This meant no time for my salon pampering and to be honest, I was frantic about this. Then it hit me, I had seen your website before and I decided to give it a try. I must say getting my hair done at the comfort of my home is really convenient. And your hairdressers are nice; they didn’t mind the several interruptions I had to make to go check on my baby girl.

Services: I am a fan of highlights so I stick to those most of the times. I also loved the family pampering pack which meant both me and my hubby could get our hairs done right at home. And still spend the time with our baby.

Would You Come Back For More: Absolutely! It is purely out of the convenience I get. I will definitely request a hairdresser on those days I am too lazy to drive out to a salon. Your hairdressers are quite friendly too and having someone to chat with while making your hair kind of brings back that old feeling I had with my friend.


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