Mobile Mane Makeover: The Adventurous Journey of Starting a Mobile Hairdressing Business in London


The booming concept of on-demand services has steadily reshaped different markets and industries, and hairdressing is not an exception. Market forecasts indicate a healthy annual growth rate for the mobile hairdressing industry as the demand for convenience continues to increase. One of the cities seeing this dynamic shift in action is London, a city that trends in fashion and beauty calls home. Let’s delve into the journey of starting a mobile hairdressing business in London, its significance, applications, and benefits.

The Rise of Mobile Hairdressing

Mobile hairdressing involves offering hair cutting, colouring and styling services right at the client’s doorstep, instead of a stationed salon. It requires lower operating costs, offers maximized convenience to clients, and shows potential for great profit margins, making the whole endeavour both exciting and challenging. A mobile hairdressing business is significant in today’s fast-paced society, as it provides efficient, personalized, and flexible hair treatment services to customers, making it a perfect fit for London’s lifestyle.

Getting Started: Business Plan and Regulations

Having a comprehensive business plan is crucial. It should highlight thorough market research to identify target customers, operational strategy, finance plan, marketing and sales strategies. It’s also important to understand the legalities. In London, uncertified hairdressing activities are prohibited, so ensure you have recognized hairdresser certification like NVQs or SVQs.

The Scope of Mobile Hairdressing Services

Unlike traditional salons, mobile hairdressing gives a broad scope in terms of services. It can range from regular haircuts, hair dyeing, treatments to advanced services like bridal hairstyling, and hair extensions. It also caters to elderly or disabled clients who find salon visits challenging.

Key Benefits

1. Flexible Working Hours: As a mobile hairdresser, you have the freedom to dictate your working hours. This flexibility means you can schedule your appointments around your lifestyle, making it an ideal business venture for those who need a more flexible working schedule.

2. Lower Overheads: Traditional salons have to contend with high overheads, including rent for a physical location, utilities bills, and more. In contrast, a mobile hairdressing business requires minimal overheads, which helps to increase profitability.

3. Personalized Service: Providing personalized and private hairdressing services at the comfort of client’s homes can create solid trust and better customer relationships.

4. Greater Market Reach: This business model allows you to extend your services to a wider audience, from busy executives to elderly people who cannot visit a salon.

5. Building Your Brand: With no competition from other stylists in a salon, mobile hairdressers can better focus on building their individual brand.

The Road to Success

Success as a mobile hairdresser in London requires professional skills, dedication, and business acumen. Continuous upgrade and refining of skills, staying updated with recent trends in hairstyling, having a robust booking system & mobile payments, and effective marketing are pivotal. Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook can be leveraged for promotion.

While the journey is challenging, the rewards can be substantial. As London-based mobile hairdresser, “Charlie Mobile Hair”, exemplifies, with a well-maintained Instagram portfolio showcasing varied hairstyles done over their four-year course in business, the journey can be fruitful. They’ve built a broad customer base encompassing busy professionals, mums, and students who relish the convenience of salon services at home.


The potential for mobile hairdressing services in London is immense. The business model is perfectly in line with new-age consumer’s demand for high-quality, convenient, and personalized services. As the idea of adaptability continues to redefine successful business operations worldwide, the mobile hairdressing market in London promises to be a significant player in the beauty sector’s future. So, get that stylish pair of scissors ready; your mobile mane makeover journey starts now!

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