The Perfect Hair Color For You

The perfect hairstyle is seldom complete without the perfect hair color. But a lot of people are confused in choosing the right color of their hair. These are several tips and rules of thumbs that apply in selecting the color that will look best on you:

First of all, keep in mind the rule of skin tones. Your hair color should compliment your skin tone. There are two types of tones: warm and cool. You have warm skin tone if you have olive or darker skin with yellow or golden undertone. Most Asians, African-Americans and Latinas have this tone. You have cool skin tone if you have fairer skin with a pink or blue undertone. If you are still looking at your skin, completely dazed about your tone, here is another trick: look at the veins in your inner wrists under natural light.  If the veins are green, you are ‘warm’; if they are blue, you are ‘cool’.

Once you have identified your skin tone, you can start looking for the hair color to compliment your skin. Warm skin tones should go for shades of gold. Golden colors include bronze, copper, and caramel. However, never go too light with golden hues because your hair can turn orange. Warm skin can go blonde, but it should be done with a professional due to its delicateness. Ash and cool brown shades look best on cool skin tones. You can also try jet black and cooler blonde tones. Never use warm color for your hair because it can make you look strained and sickly. Those with very red skin should refrain from going light blond or red to avoid the exaggeration of the color of their skin. They should, instead, go for soft but warm shades that can dilute the redness of their skin.

You can also determine the type of clothes and jewelries that look best on you – it can help you when it comes to choosing the right color. People who look good wearing red and yellow hues (such as orange, gold, olive, and rust) will also look good in gold-toned hair color such as strawberry blonde and golden brown. If shades of blue, green and pink fits you perfectly, cool colors such as ash blonde and platinum will be work on your hair.

Deciding on making your hair either darker or lighter is the next question. Another rule of thumb: never go more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Darker hair can look very beautiful because it can show off your complexion better and can accent your eyes effectively. However, going too dark will make your hair and its color seem artificial, and can emphasize darkness under your eyes, making you look worn and stressed. Lighter hair is beautiful, too. It can lighten up the face and make you look cheerful. Beware, though: do not get hooked in making your hair lighter and lighter. You must know just what the right shades of blond are for your skin tone or you will end up looking like a ghost.

Last thing, you can always use the help of a professional hair designer to determine your best matching color.

how to colour your hair


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