A quick guide to short hair

To crop or not to crop?

We’ve all been there. You’ve spent years growing your hair into a luscious long mane. You’ve gone through that awkward in-between phase, you’ve kept up with the regular trims, you’ve endured the hour-long blow dry regime every morning and then suddenly, everybody’s going for the chop. This season it’s all about sexy short dos and perfect pixie crops but are you brave enough to take the plunge and lop off your locks? Here are a few reasons why we reckon you should!

Day 133/365 Short Hair
shorter hair are easier to maintain – source 

1. You’ll stand out from the crowd.

Beautiful long hair can be stunning of course but, let’s face it, it’s a bit boring. A gorgeous short do will instantly make you seem cool and confident. Remember when Emma Watson wowed us with her gamine crop after years of bland long hair? Since then she’s been catapulted from pretty plain-Jane to über-trendy fashionista, modelling for the likes of Lancôme and Burberry, and we put it all down to her decision to go for the chop. We know, Emma Watson could carry off any look with her perfect features, so look to Michelle Williams or Anne Hathaway for a softer version with a longer, face-framing fringe and height at the crown. Individual, unique and gorgeous!

2. You’ll save loads of time.

Short hair is loads easier to style and it always looks thick and healthy. No more straggly ends or flat limp locks, cropped hair definitely has the edge when it comes to maintenance. Worried a crop won’t be as versatile? Just think back to Dannii Minogue’s stint on the X-Factor when she sported a different do every week; it’s just a case of getting to know which products work best. Texturising wax will give you that undone bed-head look; back-combing powder creates sexy 60s-style volume and go for a shine serum to give great gloss.

3. There’s one out there for you.

There’s a short style that will suit every hair type and face shape, it’s just a question of finding it. Look out for styles in magazines or on the internet and speak to your stylist about what will suit you best. If you’re struggling to muster up the courage to chop it all off, a bob is a great option, and not quite as scary! If you want to go sleek and gown-up, think Rose Byrne’s glossy bob with a heavy blunt fringe that caught everybody’s attention on the red carpet. Or if sexy and mussed-up is more your thing, channel Pixie Lott’s shaggy layered bob for a low-maintenance, high-sex appeal look.

We know it’s one thing to gaze in envy at the beautifully cropped locks of celebs but it’s quite another to actually grit your teeth and go for it yourself. But do your research, be brave and watch as you turn into the local style icon. And remember, while we all know how traumatic a bad haircut can be, it will always grow back!

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