The Convenient and Cost-Effective World of Mobile Hairdressing in London

The world of hairstyling can make a significant dent in your pocket. It’s not uncommon to find women in London shelling out approximately £50 for a haircut, £35 for blow-dry services, and over £80 for highlights. However, you can explore budget-friendly alternatives without compromising on the quality of services. Here’s how:

Shop Local and Reap Benefits

While the glamour of well-established salon chains might be enticing, the charm of local, independent salons shouldn’t be overlooked. These smaller establishments often provide services at a much more competitive price. Websites like Nextdoor, along with local Facebook and WhatsApp groups, can help you find these hidden gems and make an informed choice.

Moreover, many local salons offer a ‘first-time’ discount, allowing you to try their services without breaking the bank.

Appoint a Junior Stylist

You might be surprised at the quality of work a junior stylist can deliver. Though they may lack years of experience, their training and eagerness to do a good job can result in an equally satisfactory outcome at a lower cost. Always remember, even senior stylists started as juniors!

Utilize Off-Peak Hours

Salons often experience a lull during specific hours of the day or particular weekdays. Booking your appointments during these off-peak times can result in substantial savings. So, if you have a flexible schedule, consider getting your hair done when salons are less busy.

Leverage Discounts and Cashbacks

Platforms like Groupon and Wowcher offer regular deals and discounts for a variety of services, including hairdressing. Also, using cashback websites can help you save on hair products from renowned brands.

Become a Hair Model

Numerous salons are on the lookout for models for their trainee hairdressers. Volunteering for this can get you services at a reduced price, with the assurance that a senior stylist will supervise the entire process.

Try Mobile Hairdressing

Many hairdressers are now offering mobile services, catering to your needs at your convenience. As they don’t have salon overheads, they can afford to offer their services at a lower price. It’s a great choice if you find it challenging to make time for salon visits and prefer a more personal, comfortable setting.

Beware of the Add-Ons

Hairdressers may sometimes offer you additional products or services during your visit. While these might enhance your experience, they can also inflate your bill significantly. So, always be aware of what you’re being charged for and opt-out if necessary.

Finally, remember that while saving money is essential, so is maintaining the health and style of your hair. By making smart choices, you can achieve the look you desire without overspending.

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